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(Total Content≥98%, RA≥95%) The sweetness of Reb-A 95% is about 400 times as that of sucrose.
(Total Content≥95%, RA≥90%) The sweetness of Reb-A 90% is about 380 times as that of sucrose.
(Total Content≥95%, RA≥80%) The sweetness of Reb-A 80% is about 360 times as that of sucrose.
(Total Content ≥90%,95%, RA%≥60%) It is white or light yellow powder or granule. RA is the sweet ingredient with the best sweet taste in stevia. Reb-A 60% is manufactured with the special cultivation stevia raw material, so with the fresh, cool and lasting taste, no bitter aftertaste. It can better improve the taste of food, also the quality and grade of the product, with 320 times sweetness as that of sucrose.
(Total Content≥90%, RA≥50%) The sweetness of Reb-A 50% is about 300 times as that of sucrose.
(Total Content≥90%, RA≥40%) The sweetness of Reb-A 40% is about 280 times as that of sucrose.
Product Name : SucraloseChemical Name : 1',6'–Dichloro-1',6'–dideoxy–β–D-fructofuranosyl–4–chloro–4–deoxy–α–D–galactopyranosideSynonyms : TGS; 4, 1', 6' – Trichlorogalactosucrose; TrichlorogalactosucroseMolecular Formula : C12H19O8Cl3 CNS:19.016INS:E955CAS No. : [56038-13-2] Functions & PropertiesApproximately 600 times sweeter than sugar by weight.The only high intensity sweetener that is made from sugar and tastes like sugar.Great heat stability and is particularly stable in acidic/alkaline products.Safe Accepted Daily Intake Value (ADI) of 5mg/kg of bodyweight.Non-toxic, no calories or carbohydrates, and no effect on carbohydrate metabolism.
Steviosin  is a natural health sweetener with high sweetness and low calorie extracted from Stevia , a herbal plant of  Compositae. It’s white  powder with  a sweetness of about  300 times that of sucrose.Steviosin is soluble in water and alcohol, belongs to non-fermentative substances. It’s stable in nature and not easy to mildew.A large number of drug experiments have proved that Steviosin has no toxic side effects, no carcinogens and high safety to human.The taste is cool and sweet,can be used as medicinal excipients in the manufacture of granules and oral liquids to improve the taste of medicines.
As a newly discovered steviol glycosides which is not included in JECFA, Reb-M showed its superior taste compare to Reb-D in recent developing and testings, and it gains the favor of several leading brands of food and beverages.
Lately, Reb-D has become a new component which is studied an applied into products, it has an unparalleled sweet taste comparing to traditional steviosides, and its aqueous solution tastes almost exactly the same as sugar solution. Because the content of Reb-D is quite lower in dry leaves, currently it tends to be used in high-end products. With the R&D of new stevia seedling, the future of Reb-D is very promising.
Although the sweetness of Reb-B is not high, it does generate a fine taste in different stevia-involved formulations; while mixing it with other stevia compounds, it inhibits the possible bitter taste and bring fascinating smell.
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