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Qingdao Siyuan Stevia International Trade Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful seaside city-Qingdao, in the center of new city, also near to Qingdao harbor, so has very convenient transport and commercial condition.


 We, Qingdao Siyuan, devote ourselves to the R&D and promotion of stevia career. We built our factory in Qufu City which locates in Shandong Province, and we have advanced stevia technology and production line currently. In year 2020 we introduced Sucralose production line. Yearly output Stevia Extract product about 2,000 tons, Sucralose about 1,000 tons. According to the GMP standard strictly, we make production as the global popular standard, and we also compile and register files in many normative markets. We have plant base in Xinjiang, Gansu, Northeast of China, Anhui and other ares in China to ensure our abundant supply channels.


 Qingdao Siyuan is guided by developing market, try to optimize the product structure and develop the customer channels, so our stevia products have been widely sold to USA, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan etc. We have built long term and stable business relationship with the customers and scientific research institutes in hundreds of countries and regions, laying a solid foundation for our overseas development.


 Qingdao Siyuan aims protecting the human's health and living environment as our mission, so we'll supply purely natural and organic healthy food to our customers all the same, thus achieve the goals of “proposing green life, protecting healthy life'. We motivate to be the professional and international pioneer in the health fields.


Hope to develop together with you and make your life more perfect and healthier!


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