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Qingdao Siyuan Stevia International Trade Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful seaside city-Qingdao, in the center of new city, also near to Qingdao harbor, so has very convenient transport and commercial condition.  We, Qingdao Siyuan, devote ourselves to the R&D and promotion of stevia career. We built our factory in Qufu City which locates in Shandong Province, and we have advanced stevia technology and production line currently. In year 2020 we introduced Sucralose production line. Yearly output Stevia Extract product about 2,000 tons, Sucralose about 1,000 tons. According to the GMP standard strictly, we make production as the global popular standard, and we also compile and register files in many normative markets. We have plant base in Xinjiang, Gansu, Northeast of China, Anhui and other ares in China to ensure our abundant supply channels.  Qingdao Siyuan is guided by developing market, try to optimize the product structure and develop the customer c...
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Date: 24th Nov,2016Number of visits: 31As Food Commerce Website said, sucrose is the most common seasoning, widely used in beverage,chocolate,baking and other food industries which based on sweeteners to get better taste. As the strength of health concept, we prefer the sugar content,calories and other factors in similar products. The decline of carbonated beverage in the world shows the fact that the customers prefer healthy food with low calories day by day. It also makes the food manufacturers to choose natural and low-calorie sweeteners, which can not only ensure the needed sweetness but also follow the tendency of low calories. So herbal extracted stevia meet all the requirement of the food industries with the characteristics of higher sweetness and lower calories. Thanks to the characteristics of nature and health, stevia has been widely promoted in food industries, replace of sucrose in food, pharmaceutical and many other fields. Now let's see the details of the usage of ste...
2016 - 11 - 24
The excessive intake of carbohydrate during the current diet is the direct cause of some diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hyperlipemia and so on; so if you are planing to lose weight or you are a little fat now, pay special attention to controlling your food sugar intake! Since the sugar amount of one bottle of cola is almost equal to that from two steamed breads by scientific calculation, many people probably get more calories than the ones burned from their sport by the habit of drinking some high-sugar beverage to feel the good taste after exercise. However, taking the beverage made of stevioside can help us to avoid that problem. Experts explain that the edible cane sugar is a kind of disaccharide whose main constituents are fructose and glucose which can provide us nutrition and energy. And stevioside is a type of sugar with big molecular structure which makes it cannot be intaken by human body, do not participate in metabolism and do not bring body fatness. It can satisfy our ...
2016 - 11 - 24
Delicious desserts are always the food temptation and even some people regard sugar-eating as the “taste-carnival”. Unfortunately, the scientific investigation indicates that too much sugar intake could cause many diseases and shorten the lifetime. Now adopting the pure-natural and low-calories sweetener is becoming the new healthy standard among fashionistas.As the new favorite, stevioside is the acceptable third-generation sugar resource. The first-generation sugar is on behalf of cane sugar and beetsugar whose disadvantage is high calories; artificially synthesized aspartame stands for the second-generation sugar with low calories but bad taste; the stevioside comes from stevia leaves has the 300 times sweetness than the cane sugar but its calories is only 1/300 of it. Stevioside is the most sweet pure natural material among known sugar and belongs to the green healthy food.
2016 - 11 - 24
Man is born a sweet tooth. The temptation of sweets for us is irresistible. Scientists speculate that sweet tooth may be an evolutionary advantage because non-toxic food is usually sweet. Because of the desire for the "sweet", people around the world have been finding sweetener from rice, honey, maple syrup, sugar cane, sugar beet and corn, wheat, tequila, fruits and other natural materials for hundreds of years.Stevia sugar: a healthier diet Although people like the taste of sweet, more and more people begin to realize the danger of too much sugar. Even if it's a good thing, that will also be the way to destroy a healthy diet.Keeping intake of calories and the consumption of body heat balance and energy balance, is an important standard of diet. Caused by excessive intake of heat energy imbalance is usually associated with a sedentary lifestyle, which may cause the obesity epidemic. Although the obesity rate in China is relatively low compared with other countries, but i...
2016 - 11 - 24
Canada intends to approve stevioside as a sweetener for use in nutritional supplements
Core clew: on September 13, 2016, Health Canada released G/SPS/N/CAN/1054 bulletin, inform the revised sweetener list that allows to be uesd , to allow the stevia sugar as a sweetener used in nutritional supplements bar, file reference number is NOM/ADM - 0078. Therefore, Health Canada agency has completed a report about the stevia sugar as a sweetener used in nutritional supplement bar.Stevia is now allowed in Canada as a sweetener used in all kinds of food, including meal replacement bars. About this notification if you have any unsafe proof about stevia, you can submit it to Canada's department of the ministry of health for an assessment before August 23, 2016 . The aim of this report is to published the resolution of the evaluation department, and provide a appropriate contact information, facilitate public consultation or submit information on the safe use of food additives.
2016 - 11 - 24
Private customization Qingdao Siyuan Stevia International Trade Co.,Ltd has been professional for the R&D of steiva products for more than 20 years, so has more experience and great reputation in stevia fields. We have large indepent lab, R&D center, workshops which work according to the GMP standard strictly and high-tech hardware and software supports, which can promise our good quality. To meet the different requirement of the world, we have dozens of stevia products with RA series, TSG series, enzymatically modified stevia series, STV series, table- top stevia now, as well as customized products as the detailed requirement from our customers.
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